286 – Research Assistant, Mixed Reality Lab (MxR) Techniques and Technologies

Project Name
Mixed Reality Lab (MxR) Techniques and Technologies

Project Description
The ICT MxR Lab researches and develops the techniques and technologies to advance the state-of-the-art for immersive virtual reality and mixed reality experiences. With the guidance of the principal investigators (Evan Suma Rosenberg and David Krum), students working in the lab will help to design, create, and evaluate prototypes and experiments designed to explore specific research questions in virtual reality and human computer interaction. Specific projects may include research in redirected walking, perception and cognition, avatar-mediated communication, and learning in virtual worlds.

Job Description
Duties will include brainstorming and rapid prototyping of novel techniques, developing virtual environments using the Unity game engine, running user studies, and analyzing experiment data. Some projects may include programming (such as C#, Python, Unity, Arduino), fabrication (3D design and 3D printing), 3D modeling, and audio design.

Preferred Skills

  • Development experience using game engines such as Unity
  • Prior experience with virtual reality technology or 3D/touch interfaces
  • Programming in C++, C#, or similar languages
  • Familiar with experimental design and user study procedures
  • Prior experience with rapid prototyping equipment (optional)

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