267 – Research Assistant, Real-time Behavior Interpretation

Project Name
Real-time Behavior Interpretation

Project Description
The Real-time Behavior Interpretation (RBI) project is developing technologies for the automated interpretation of time-series data using a form of automated reasoning, called logical abduction, in a way that integrates closely with probability theory. We are especially interested in the interpretation of movies in the style of the famous Heider-Simmel film, depicting the shenanigans of two triangles and a circle around a box with a door.

Job Description
The RBI project team is seeking a summer intern with EITHER a deep love of both first-order logic and probability theory, OR a strong familiarity with contemporary deep-learning approaches to event segmentation and classification — preferably both. This summer intern is expected to contribute to technical research to develop system that generate high-level narrative interpretations of low-level observable behavior.

Preferred Skills

  • Practical knowledge of Theano/Keras or TensorFlow
  • Automated deduction and theorem proving
  • Propositional and first-order logic

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