261 – Research Assistant, Digital Character Generation and Control

Project Name
Human Modeling, Simulation and Control

Project Description
Digital characters are an important part of entertainment, simulations and digital social experiences. Characters can be designed to emulate or imitate human-like (and non-human like behavior). However, humans are very complicated entities, and in order to create a convincing virtual human, it is necessary to model various elements, such as human-like appearance, human-like behaviors, and human-like interactions. 3D characters can fail to be convincing representations because of improper appearance, improper behavior, or improper reactions. The goal of this internship is to advance the state-of-the-art in character simulation by improving or adding aspects to a digital character that would make them more convincing representations of real people.

Job Description
Research, develop and integrate methods for use on virtual characters to better fidelity, interaction or realism of characters. Design or implement algorithms from research papers and integrate into animation/simulation system (SmartBody).

Preferred Skills

  • C++
  • Computer graphics and animation knowledge
  • Research in character/animation/simulation/human modeling

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