236 – Programmer, The Sigma Cognitive Architecture

Project Name
The Sigma Cognitive Architecture

Project Description
This project is developing a new cognitive architecture; i.e., a computational hypothesis about the fixed structures underlying a mind, whether natural or artificial. Sigma is built in Lisp and is based on the elegant but powerful formalism of graphical models (factor graphs in particular). We are working on a broad variety of topics, including learning and memory, problem solving and decision making, perception and imagery, speech and language, and Theory of Mind. We are also developing an adaptive virtual human (a graphically embodied humanoid that can learn from its experience).

Job Description
Looking for a student interested in contributing to development of, and/or experimentation with, the adaptive virtual human.

Preferred Skills

  • Programming (Lisp preferred, but can be learned once arrive)
  • Cognitive architectures (experience preferred, but interest is essential)

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