ARL 48 – Research Assistant, Socially Intelligent Assistant in AR

Project Name
Socially Intelligent Assistant in AR

Project Description
Augmented reality (AR) introduces new opportunities to enhance the successful completion of missions by supporting the integration of intelligent computational interfaces in the users’ field of view. This research project studies the role embodied conversational agents can play towards that goal. This type of interface has a virtual body and is able to communicate with the user using natural language and nonverbally (e.g., emotion expression). The core research question is: Do embodied conversational interfaces improve decision making quality and efficiency when compared to more traditional types of interfaces?

Job Description
The candidate will develop this research on an existent platform for embodied conversational agents in AR. The candidate will have to propose a set of key functionalities for the agent, implement them, and demonstrate that it improves decision making performance. The proposed functionality must pertain to information that is perceived through the camera or 3D sensors available in the AR platform, and may be communicated to the user verbally and nonverbally.

Preferred Skills
– Experience with AR platforms
– Experience with Unity and C# programming
– Some experience with HCI evaluation techniques
– Some experience with scene understanding techniques and TensorFlow
– Some experience with embodied conversational agents

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