ARL 46 – Research Assistant, Machine Scene Understanding from Multimodal Data

Project Name
Machine Scene Understanding from Multimodal Data

Project Description
Current manned and unmanned perception platforms, ground or airborne, carry multimodal imagers and sensors such as electro-optical/infrared cameras, depth sensors, and LiDAR sensors, with future expectation of additional modalities. This project focuses on the development of machine learning (ML) networks for scene understanding using multimodal data, in particular using a diverse dataset consisting of high-fidelity simulated RGB color and IR images of various objects and scenes of interest.

Job Description
The work includes pursuing technical solutions and developing core algorithms by applying advanced machine learning, image processing and data fusion techniques. Anticipated research results include new theory and algorithm developments leading to publications in scientific forums and real-world utility and software for demonstrations.

Preferred Skills
– A dedicated and hardworking individual
– Experience or coursework related to machine learning, computer vision
– Strong programming skills

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