ARL 44 – Research Assistant, Monocular Visual Localization Assisted with Deep Learning

Project Name
Monocular Visual Localization Assisted with Deep Learning

Project Description
Robust and accurate localization is vital to any intelligent system and application that are spatially-aware including autonomous driving, robot navigation, location-based situational awareness, and augmented reality. This project is to develop high-performance self-tracking and localization techniques with single monocular camera that are suitable for intelligent perception on low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) platforms.

Job Description
The work includes pursuing technical solutions and developing core algorithms by applying advanced machine learning, image processing and object recognition techniques. Anticipated research results include new theory and algorithm developments leading to publications in scientific forums and real-world utility and software for demonstrations.

Preferred Skills
– A dedicated and hardworking individual
– Experience or coursework related to machine learning, computer vision
– Strong programming skills

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