ARL 40 – Research Assistant, The Biomechanics of Ballistic-Blunt Impact Injuries

Project Name
The Biomechanics of Ballistic-Blunt Impact Injuries

Project Description
The primary purpose of this project is to research the mechanisms and injuries associated with ballistic-blunt impacts. The motivation for this project results from body armor design requirements. Body armor is primarily designed to prevent bullets from penetrating into the body. However, to absorb the energy of the incoming bullet, body armor can witness a large degree of backface deformation (BFD). Higher energy threats, new materials and new armor designs may increase the risk of injury from these events. Even if the body armor systems can stop higher energy rounds from penetrating, the BFD may be severe enough to cause serious injury or death. Unfortunately, there is limited research on the relationship between BFD and injury, hindering new and novel armor developments. Consequently, there is a need to research these injuries and their mechanisms so that proper metrics for the evaluation of both existing and novel system can be established.

Job Description
The research assistant will help design and execute hands-on lab research related to injury biomechanics, collect and analyze data, as well as document and present findings of the work.

Preferred Skills
– Graduate student in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, or related field
– Some experience working in a laboratory setting
– Some experience in the medical field
– Experience in software for data collection, processing and analysis

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