ARL 33 – Programmer, Individualized Gamification Demonstration

Project Name
Individualized Gamification: Predicting Performance from a Short Questionnaire

Project Description
This project is investigating individualized gamified learning. Past work has shown that the results of an extensive personality/psychological trait questionnaire are able to predict an individual’s performance on a naturalistic training task. The goal of the summer intern project is to demonstrate that a shorter questionnaire could achieve similar predictive power.

Job Description
Job scope will vary based on intern interests and capabilities. At minimum, the intern will program a simple interface to administer a short questionnaire and display a performance prediction based on existing models. Extensions could include statistical analyses to select a subset of questions and pilot data collection to validate predictions.

Preferred Skills
– Programming — Python or R preferred
– Statistics — Factor analysis & related techniques
– Interest in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and/or gamified learning

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